Welcome & FAQs

Who is this resource centre for?

This resource centre is for Ukrainian journalists and Ukrainian media organisations, those who are in Ukraine and those who have been forced to leave the country.

What is in this resource centre?

A extensive list of organisations providing emergency funding for Ukrainian journalists and media.

A curated list of resources for journalists and media.

A list of all of the fundraising campaigns and crowdfunding efforts to support Ukrainian media and journalists.

Who is updating this resource centre?

This resource centre for Ukrainian media and media support organisations is run by the the Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD).

How do I suggest a correction, make a suggestion or contact GFMD?

If you think a specific resource is missing, want to suggested a correction, or would like to talk to our team, please contact us at communications@gfmd.info

What languages can I share information in?

We have the capacity to translate information from English into Ukrainian and from Ukrainian to English.

Please send information to us in either language to communications@gfmd.info

Where can I get advice or introductions?

Donors, funders, and media support groups looking for advice or more information should contact GFMD's help desk: helpdesk-impact@gfmd.info

If you are interested in attending GFMD's information sharing meetings on media support in Ukraine and the region contact please send an email to helpdesk-impact@gfmd.info

What is GFMD doing to support media and journalists in Ukraine and the region?

Responding to requests from members, partners, and donors GFMD is carrying out a number of activities to support media organisations and journalists in Ukraine and the wider region. These include:

  • Curating an extensive list of organisations providing emergency funding to journalists and media as well as crisis and emergency resources.

  • Hosting information-sharing meetings.

  • Advising donors on how and where their emergency funding can be best allocated.

  • Mapping out a list of organisations’ needs, capacities and competencies.

  • Translating funding opportunities and resources into Ukrainian for Ukrainian media/journalists.

  • Acting as a line of communication betwwen national level communication efforst and the international media support and donor community.

For access to any of these documents or if you would like to contributte/participate in any of these activities, please contact helpdesk-impact@gfmd.info

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